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Le lo Afsaka

Circus Arts- Dance

Show for all audience - 30 to 45 minutes


Shahar KAMAY as circus presentator and juggling performer

Ines LORCA as dancer and aerial circus performer

And Stefanie Company performers

Yoel COHEN juggler acrobat

Ela ARAD aerial circus performer

Adam GOLDSHMIT trampoline acrobat

Neomi LEV dancer juggler aerial circus performer

Shoshan SNIR aerial circus performer

Liri KAMAY juggler

Arava KAMAY juggler

Shahar KAMAY and his youth presenting all the circus skills in a dynamic happy and quality performance. Hulahoop, monocycle, diabolo, acrobalance, trapeze, aerial hoop and silks, rola bola, juggling balls, trampoline and fire will give you smile to your heart and nice music to listen.

Performed in:

- Private events all over Israel

- Schools, Municipality events all over Israel

- Sarona Market Tel Aviv (Israel)

- “Body Ways Festival 2015” (Israel)

- “International Cirucs Convention for Youth 2015” Kfar Yeoshua (Israel)

- Move to Circus Academy – Emek Hefer (Israel)

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