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Ines Lorca

is a professional dancer and choreographer. Starting her career very young (dancing in companies since 12 years old “Compagn’I.Popard”, “Junior Jazz Ballet Rick Odums”), her choreographies received 1st Prices and Gold Medals in France festivals since she was 16. She created her own “Voice and Movement” method through her musician father researches which influenced her choreographic work process. After being graduated from the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris, she trained at Nanterre Circus before to go to Israel to dance in “Ensemble Batsheva Dance Company”. By creating the “Stefanie Company” and “Move to Circus Academy”, she continued her choreographic development and research, bringing a new language for “Choreography for circus”. She is invited in international professional or amateurs circus and dance schools in order to give her masterclasses such as “Contemporary Dance”, “Voice and movement” and “Choreography for Circus”.

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Shahar Kamay

is a circus pedagogic director, specialized in hyperactivity and dyslexia disorders. After being the co-director of the “FreeDom project” in Circus Byniamina, he is now the pedagogic director of “Move to Circus Academy”. Teaching for the last 20 years, he is specialized in therapy for children and teenagers who have A.D.D., A.D.H.D (hyper-activity), addiction or behavior problems through circus and juggling. He created a pedagogic program through circus arts for youth, presented in the lecture “Circus as Education” invited in Universities in USA, France and Israel. He is a juggling performer since 1998, giving shows and workshops for many groups as schools, hi-tech companies, volunteering for hospitals and youth centers.

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