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Slow Release

A show for all audience
Circus / Dance / Music / Theatre



Stefanie Company


Ines LORCA Choreographer - Compositor - Dancer - Singer
Shahar KAMAY Presenter - Juggler

Chantal COHEN Theater director - Actress
Marie SINNAEVE Co-Choreographer 


Where every morning, children would connect with themselves and the world through physical activities, where coordination, concentration and pushing limits would bring them to a sharp and tangible state of mind.

Juggling as mathematics, walking on wire as science, trapeze and aerial silks as poetry.
In our reality, as a medicament named Ritalin, "Slow Release" is given to very young children in order to better fulfill their function at school and in their daily life. On stage, we want to show another way. A way that gives different types of talents to express themselves, that builds self-confidence and encourages curiosity and tolerance. We want to introduce a generation willing to improve and to develop itself.

Each disadvantage is an advantage!

      Professional team

  • Artistic Director Ines LORCA

  • Administrative Director Shahar KAMAY

  • Music Compositor Ines LORCA

  • Music Producer Assaf GIVATI

  • Theater director and Actress Chantal COHEN

  • Scenography Assistant Eli DOR HAIM & Tahin SNIR

  • Co-choreographer Marie SINNAEVE

  • Costum Designer Juliane KONIG

  • Sound Designer Gal NAVON

  • D.J Diana UP

  • Light Designer Ron ANATI

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