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Depuis 2022

Nous sommes localisés en France!

Move to Circus est en recherche de locaux, afin d'ouvrir un Centre Chorégraphique pour Arts du Cirque! 


Vous pouvez nous suivre sur nos projets de créations, masterclasses, stages et événementiels.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter

insta: @movetocircus 

facebook: Move to Circus Academy

The “Move to Circus Academy” was born in 2008 from the “Stefanie's not Here Project”, created by Ines LORCA and Shahar KAMAY. The project was established to take along with youth and adults undergoing painful period in their lives (loss of a parent, divorce, separation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, substance abuse, communication difficulties) and through circus arts, dance, music and theater, Dark places become illuminated, tears of pain were replaced by tears of emotion and shortcoming have become a source of strength.

The doors of the Move to Circus Academy are open to youth and people who need circus and movement in their life. We believe that circus arts can help, make ease and develop different parts in life, as communication, concentration at school or work, focus and more.

Move to Circus Academy gives opportunity to their talented students to be part of their pedagogical and artistic team.

Shahar KAMAY and Ines LORCA build together a pedagogical and artistic language for circus arts and dance training, called as Move to Circus Method which includes anatomy studies, theory personal project, precise pedagogical skills, repertoire interpretation and creation project.

Move to Circus Academy gives opportunity to their advanced students to learn this language by applying the Certificate studies.

master class

Dance Circus Acrobatics with Ines LORCA

Workshops for children and teenagers

Dance and the many possibilities of the circus arts, from acrobatics to juggling. Ines LORCA takes you into a world of research and discovery between the object and the movement.


This workshops been invited by many circus and dance schools (Irene Popard method dance schools from Paris, Saint-Germain-en-Laye,Villeneuve, Circus school from Helsinki Finland, etc).


Intermediate to advanced students

 Inspired by several methods of improvisation including Gaga Body Language, this workshop gives the dancer the opportunity to feel the differences of cultures and body language to the extreme.

Poetry, sign language, animal instinct and tiny body consciousness intertwine with the choreographic repertoire that I propose to make you discover, experiment and work.


This workshop is often invited by dance schools amateur and professional such as Micadanses, Centre du Marais and Harmonic Studio in Paris such as by International Film School of Moscow in Russia.


Beginner to advanced students

Workshop based on a voice method that Ines LORCA developed after working with her father Abel LORCA, classical guitar teacher in French Conservatory looking for vibration inside body postures. His research about singing enabled me to experience the voice through movements and the movement through voice.

This method gives the keys to a harmonious symbiosis between breathing and action.


Choreographing since her very young age, the first creation of Ines LORCA singing and dancing was invited to many festivals in France. She has been giving this masterclass method to chorus singers, musical comedy troupes and professional dance company in France and in Israel.


Intermediate to advanced students

Composition of a number or a show through an intelligent language, original and intimately related to your personality.

Trained at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris, ex-dancer of Ensemble Batsheva Company (Gaga body language) and now artistic director of Move to Circus Academy in Israel and choreographer of Stefanie Company, Ines LORCA develops a choreographic language to link the movement and individuality of each.

During the masterclass, her method of research will make you want to explore the possibilities that exist between the contemporary approach of dance and the tools of the circus, between the choreographic composition and the object used by everyone in his specialty.

Workshops been invited to different circus schools such as Les Noctambules in France, Vertigo in Italy, and by International Circus Convention such as in Israel and in Finland

Shahar KAMAY: pedagogic director and circus arts teacher, specialized in hyperactivity and dyslexia disorders
Ines LORCA: artistic director, circus arts and dance teacher, specialized in choreography
Ali HASARMA: circus arts teacher, specialized in acrobatics

Inbal REZNIK: Inbalance performer 

Professional circus teacher: acrobatics, hand standing, accrobalance, Hand to hand, trapeze, aerial hoop, tissu

Yoel COHEN LEV: Move to Circus method certificate 

Professional circus specialities: hand standing, juggling, aerial circus (straps)



Invited teachers:

The “Move to Circus Academy” offers to its advanced students some international professors interventions in the form of workshops or master classes.

Mihael FINKEL (National Center of Circus Arts of France) specialized in aerial circus
Jennifer COHEN Aerial circus performer and teacher
Einel GURY Aerial Circus performer and teacher
Debora CATTANEO (University of Budapest –Hungaria) specialized in anatomy and aerial circus
Chantal COHEN (Bikurey Ha’Itim- Israel) Theater workshops
Marie SINNAEVE (National Superior Conservatoire of dance of Paris) Modern Dance master class

Academy teachers:

Academy teachers
Ines & Gaya
Adam & Shahar
Ines & Ali
Kfar Saba
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