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We would like to present you the International Association for Education Circus Arts Dance and Movement project.
Our non-profit organization focuses on very special group of children, teenagers and growns who are going through a painful moment in their life such as addiction, violence, depression, loss of parent or hyperactivity disorder.


Our project focuses on 3 levels:

Education, Social and Artistic activities.


The International Association for Education Circus Arts Dance and Movement collaborates with diverse international associations (Germany, Russia and France) in order to create educative, social and artistic projects together.

We would be happy to receive your support or collaboration ideas.

The Educational level

Our activities take place at Move to Circus Academy, for now located in a large gym in the industrial area of Emek Hefer of Israel, where we hold professional classes in circus arts, for beginners through advanced students. In addition to the classes held in the afternoon and evening hours, since 4 years now, we have been holding a Morning circus school (full day program) which includes circus arts during morning and formal mathematics, anatomy, Hebrew, English and French language studies during afternoon. In this group of 40 children and teenagers, we saw a large improvement in the communication, focus and self esteem in a very fast time.

the Social level

This project attracts many children, teenagers and grownups for which circus arts are a crucial help in their daily life. Shahar Kamay, as the pedagogic director of Move to Circus Academy, specialized in dyslexia and hyperactivity disorders and Ines LORCA as the artistic director work with people going through a painful moment in their life (violence, loss of parent, drugs or alcohol addiction, hyperactivity) and support them throughout circus arts, singing, dance, music or theater. People who have committed suicide became passionate for life thanks to the time given to them by our team.

Every year, the association gives scholarships to students with financial difficulties in order to bring them to the circus academy training (travel and teachers salary). Our team is also frequently volunteering for groups such as hospitals, schools or centers in difficulty, orphanages or youth prisons by presenting them circus workshops, events, private meetings and/or shows of the Stefanie Company.

The Artistic level

As artistic director, Ines LORCA shares a unique choreographic language with the artists of Stefanie Company, mixing differents arts such as dance, circus arts, music and theater. 

In the last 10 years, the Stefanie Company has been rewarded in international festivals such as 1st Prize and High Technique Prize at Waldoni Circus Festival (Germany) and has been invited to perform in international events (Finland, France, Russia) with differents creations, such as the respected performance called “Slow Release”, mixing Stefanie Company performers with international professional artists (United States, Italy, France, Hungary). 

 On stage, we want to show a way of expression that gives hope to different types of talents, which encourages curiosity, tolerance and courage. We want to introduce a generation willing to improve and to develop itself. We want to share our message.

Each disadvantage is an advantage

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