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Circus Arts Morning Program

Since 2014 The “Move to Circus” Academy initiates the long-day program; children and teens attend a full day each week which includes circus arts and academic studies.

Circus Arts morning Program - begins at 8:30 a.m. with a collective warm-up. After the warm-up the students can chose an apprenticeship with one of the five circus families.

After apprenticeship is the breakfast break.

After the break - improvisation and choreography.

The students resume apprenticeship for another hour and then work on flexibility and strength until the lunch break.

In the afternoon the participants will learn: Anatomy (compulsory), French, English, Math and more...

During the day, beginning at 4:30 p.m. some of the day-participants may study the "Move to Circus" method for teaching circus skills by participating and/or helping to teach with our professional team. Some of the day-participants may continue on to the ensemble class, advanced group of the Academy, which wraps up the day.


The goal of the day is to apply our philosophy which states: "Children and youths who take part in physical activity in the morning appropriate to their physical abilities and need for movement can attain significant improvements in their scholastic achievements. Furthermore, their ability to concentrate will improve significantly (over 100 percent!) and their communication skills will improve drastically; changes in their daily behavior will soon become apparent; children who tend to be violent in a school environment due to various problems will cease their violence and substitute it with activities appropriate to their abilities and needs. "In addition, long-day students can learn the "Move to Circus" pedagogic method and integrate the method into academic studies such as social work, psychology studies, etc.


Our goal is to give children and teenagers whose lives revolve around the circus the opportunity to study it professionally (at least 20 hours per week).

Many of our students have been accepted to higher institutions in the circus world and the greatest achievers are currently studying in France through scholarships awarded by the French government.

Each disadvantage is an advantage !
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