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Professional training - open space for Professional

Certificate studies - Certificate studants training

Circus Arts Intermediate
Age 7 to 11 years old
Warm up of acrobatics dance – circus arts tissu trapeze aerial hoop straps rope trampoline juggling rola bola
Teachers: Ines, Shahar, Yoel, Neomi.

Intermediate /advanced
From 12 years old and above
Warm up of acrobatics dance improvisation- circus specialities: aerial circus (trapeze, tissu, rope, straps, aerial hoop), juggling, acrobatics (hand standing, trampoline), balance (monocycles, rola bola)
The Ensemble prepares to perform as professional artists (choreography, musicality, creativity)
Teachers: Ines LORCA, Shahar KAMAY, Keren Ephraim


Dance & Choreography Speciality

10 years and above

Based on Irene Popard method. dance techniques (Ballet, Jazz, Modern). Choreography with circus arts improvisation, creativity composition, with object.

Teacher: Ines LORCA

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