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Stefanie’s not Here

Circus arts- Dance- Live music by Stefanie Company

Eden Zak

Stefanie was a girl who could have all the possibilities to be and to become; she was much more talented than any others and she could have been number One.

But life didn’t help…

Frozen by society, Stefanie is fighting in a faraway cloud where nobody can hear her.

“Stefanie’s not here” is a show which represents the hope and loneliness of each dream.

“Stefanie’s not here” is talking about youth and people who need circus and movement inside their life but who are not available to take it because of difficult social situations, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. problems, dyslexia, addiction to alcohol, addiction to drugs.

We believe that the impact of circus adrenaline can bring them back into life communication.

Artistic director: Ines LORCA

Head manager: Shahar KAMAY

Modern circus show – all audience

6 circus dance artists

Electro music creation – live music

45 minutes show

Stefanie’s not Here

Circus artists: Gon Beran, Amit Keinighstein, Ines Lorca, Neta Oren, Lilla Veishelberg, Eden Zak

Music composers: Stefan Ferry, Ines Lorca

Singing: Ines Lorca

Electro composition: Stefan Ferry

Music: “Lady Bird” from Keren ANN

Costumes designer: Bhadra Goldshmit


“Naalagat Theater”, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL (2008)

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