Dance- Live music


by Ines LORCA

Dance- Live music

Song “KiddoGram” composed, written and interpreted by Ines LORCA

“And you will try to keep yourself,

But you will cry front of us

People around will criticize

The little Kiddo broken as a doll

You think you’ll fall but you’ll just fly

Your extremes scare you such they are wild

Your extremes fright cause they’re inside

You think you’ll fall but you’ll just”

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Solo by Ines LORCA

“Rencontres choregraphiques Irene Popard 2015” Paris, FRANCE (2015)

“Rencontres de Danse de Saint-Cloud 2015” Saint-Cloud, FRANCE (2015)

Duet with Ines LORCA and Gon BERAN

“Reflector” Tel Aviv, ISRAEL (2011)

“World Wild Family Party” Mihmoret, ISRAEL (2011)

“Broken Thoughts” by Stefanie Company

“Banana Beach” Mihmoret, ISRAEL (2010)

“Theater open stage” Ein Hod, ISRAEL (2009)

“Stefanie’s not Here”

“Naalagat theater” Tel Aviv, ISRAEL (2008)

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